We are Entrepreneurs and Angel investors turned into Venture Capitalists

Our Story


Apostolos co-founds e-food and Doctoranytime. George joins forces with Apostolos into investing as angel investor in Beat (acquired in 2017 by Daimler).


After 5 years of entrepreneurial and angel investing activity and some successful exits, VF1 a €20M euro fund is born to back ambitious teams and help them build international market leaders.


VF2 is launched with a size of €50M building on the traction and valuable learnings gained from VF1.


We probably won’t be there to become members of the Starfleet, but we hope we will have done our best for a better future through backing great founders who would have created impactful companies.

We support ambitious founders throughout their journey.

Apostolos, an entrepreneur who co-founded, e-shop, e-food and doctoranytime, brought George into tech investing and both became angel investors in Beat in 2011. In the 5 coming years and after a couple of notable exits (e-food acquired by Delivery Hero and Beat acquired by Daimler), Apostolos and George identified the gap of seed funding in Greece and launched VF1. VF was born during the tough times of the Greek crisis with the mission to back ambitious tech entrepreneurs. In the previous years, we have backed some inspiring teams who have worked hard to build global companies. This is what we plan to continue doing. We will utilise our experience as entrepreneurs and investors to support globally ambitious founders throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Why us

We have been there, we understand what it takes & we view founders as partners.

our founders and utilise our
in their favour

We are proud of our name which was actually suggested by one of our founders. We are founder first investors, getting our hands dirty from day one and we are next to you in the good and the bad times. All startups will get through tough times and you need to think twice who you would have next to you. Ask our founders 😉

Investment Focus

We are an early stage investor investing in Seed and Series A startups.

We are attracted to scalable B2C and B2B startups that can develop a sustainable moat over time and have a sweet spot for PropTech, FinTech, Marketplaces, TravelTech and SaaS.

Attention! This investment falls outside AFM supervision. No licence and no prospectus required for this activity!